Hi y’all,

At this point, my tagline pretty much says it all (a ballet appreciation blog during my search for balance in my life), but I might add more to this page in the future.

If you have any questions at all, or just feel like talking, let me know below!


17 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I’m sure a career in dancing is extremely hard work. I wish you the very best, live your dreams…

  2. Thanks for your response and support! As of now, National Ballet of Canada. Good luck on your journey! Or should I say merde. 😉

    • Wow, that’s amazing! I’ve seen so many stunning videos from National Ballet of Canada.
      Thank you for the support! (haha yes, merde…a fellow bunhead, for sure 😛 )

  3. Erin thank you for reading my blog. As a little girl I really wanted to learn ballet but I never did, Even to this day it is still part of me. I wish you good luck with your dream and success. Always work hard and think positive it will happen. I will be visiting your blog because you write on a topic that is close to my heart. See you!

  4. Would like to follow your journey! I’m an adult beginner and can only live vicariously through others that are trying to make a professional career in the ballet world! 😉

  5. You go, girl! I found your blog after searching “ballet” on my WordPress reader. I started ballet at age 14 and got into a professional company when I was 19 after training everyday for 5 years. So, my guess is that you have been dancing longer, therefore can DEFINITELY make a career out of it someday. Best of luck to you, and I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

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